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Dyson DC31 Handheld

Ergonomic & Lightweight

Dual Power Digital Motor

High Velocity Airflow Tool

Provides 10 Minutes Of High Suction

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Dyson DC31 Animal

Designed Especially For Pet Owners

2 Year Warranty

Powerful Digital Motor

3.4 pounds

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The dyson dc31 and dyson dc 31 animal are two of the most recent developments in great handheld vacuums. They are both ergonomic to hold and very light weight in design. These two factors are very important in a handheld vacuum. Like their larger cousins, they contain great technology that make cleaning a breeze. They use a dual power digital motor which is lighter, smaller, and more powerful than traditional motors. When fully charged, they are good for ten minutes of high suction cleaning. These great little devices come with a two year warranty. They are both bag free and contain washable filters. If you have dogs or cats, then cleaning the hair on the furniture has never been easier with the animal version. With the cordless design and easy charging system, these are an excellent addition to the home. The size of them makes them easy to store without taking up too much space, and we always can use more storage space. Truly the Dyson handheld dc31 is a great step up from other brands of hand cleaners and dust busters. They are quite useful in kitchens and heavy traffic areas where a quick clean up is often necessary.